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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Sleep in, pay the price!

Sleep in, pay the price!

Yep, I was sure tired this morning. I hit the snooze a couple of times and said to myself "you can run later". I had an 8 mile training run.

For me there are problems when I don't run right away in the morning.

First, the day gets away and my chances for running get slim. Second, I forgot it was going to rain later in the day.

So as luck would have it, I started running in the rain and got the training run in. I loved it, but it was sure cold and wet. That's the small price for sleeping in.

When do you run? Early morning or later in the day?

Source: http://clipart-library.com/rain-cliparts.html
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
It's been too long!

It's been too long!

I haven't posted in a VERY long time, but I am now back at it. This morning I was so tempted to go back to bed, rest and stay warm.

Strangely, I was called out to the cold, ice and snow. It was like I really needed it. Whoa.

Got the run in and loved it. There's something about getting out when you shouldn't. I felt great after the run.

Can't wait to run again tomorrow!

Check this photo out from November. It was one of my favorite memories/races of 2017. Ainsley's Angels! I can't wait to run with them in 2018.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Tips 5-14 for a solid marathon finish!

Tips 5-14 for a solid marathon finish!

I am fortunate to finish five (5) full marathons, and I know of a few running friends toeing the marathon line for the first time in the next couple of weeks/months. This post is for you. As your race draws near, self doubt may visit you. You are entering the unknown, and that is normal. Here are some quick tips for you that I have used with great success.

14. Invite your "wall to the party".  The wall will present itself around mile 18-22, it's a rugged adventure for sure. I like to paint my wall black and gold, to give it some class and break that @#$% down.
13. Embrace the unknown. Every single marathon I have run, something unexpected happens. You have trained yourself for this and just go with the flow. Make that unexpected crisis or surprise work for you.
12. Don't wish the miles away. OK- you may want to kill me for typing that, but hear me out. You signed up for this race. It's only 26.2 miles. Heck, my average finish time is around 5 hours and 35 minutes and that is a long time. I learned along the way that you should enjoy it, every single mile. Wishing it away is a bad move. Smile at every mile, enjoy it. Even when it gets difficult.
11. Find a mirror and say these words "Hello, I am Natalie White, I am a marathoner". Say it 10 times with conviction and confidence. See how you feel. Proud and confident. You haven't finished the race, so you might feel superstitious like I did. A great runner once told me that you have to do this, it's self affirmation. BTW: This is a shout out to Natalie, who is going to crush her race Saturday. Welcome to the 1%. :)
10. Read the signs along the race. You will notice some really fun, funny and creative signs. High five a few of the spectators, make any of the children who show up feel great, give the fans what they want. They came to see you run. Be loud and proud, FIRE them up!
9. Think about everyone who supported you along your journey. Thank them before you run and say their name during your run. It will make you smile. They will appreciate it too.
8. Know that you trained for this race and the actual marathon is just a simple celebration of your training. It is just one big party. You will likely become addicted to it. I am and don't deny it. :)
7. Your will will win. If you trained for 20-22 miles, then the last 4-6 miles will be the "land everyone wants, and few can earn". Claim your land, you will earn it.
6. To hell and back. Your race will challenge you mentally and physically. Once you take that first step, you will never be the same. You will learn so much about yourself, it's amazing.
5. Don't worry about pace or finish time. Keep it slower and don't panic. If you run a 10 minute mile through training, you are likely going to finish higher than that. Trust your training and just finish it. When someone asks your time post-race, look them in the eye and tell them you finished.

I will post the rest of the tips later this week.

Monday, May 29, 2017
Thank you all who have served and sacrificed the most.

Thank you all who have served and sacrificed the most.

Thank you all who have served and sacrificed the most. I was reminded of the significance of this day, as I walked through the cemetery at Fort Douglas.

I love this quote from the headstone of Douglas Coy Miles. Thank you for your sacrifice, you are a true hero.

"Men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause"

I listened to this last night and it took me through a range of emotions, don't forget to smile!

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Tip #15: Build a playlist and practice it

Tip #15: Build a playlist and practice it

For longer distance races, I like to run to music. One creative thing that I LOVE to do is ask my friends to select a song for me to play during the race. It's a song I play and think of them. You will really enjoy the songs that come your way.

One year during the Chicago Marathon, I would YELL the persons name as the song came on. My fellow runners really thought I was crazy. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2017
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Tip #16: Practice Drinking!

Tip #16: Practice Drinking!

For me, I did this a lot during my college days. My college drinking wasn't the type of drinking that would help you on race day, that is for sure! 

I read a few years ago, that it is a good to practice your drinking during the training runs. Essentially, you will be training yourself to run and drink. One stressful part of a long distance race is the water stops. The traffic is intense and the last thing you want to do during a race is experiment. 

Race day experiments are not advised. I DO recommend experimenting during your training. One other aspect to figure out is water vs. sports drink. 

I can drink just about anything during the race, but some people have digestive issues. If you are worried about digestive issues and need more than just water, I would recommend mixing water and Tailwind. Whatever you do, experiment during your training. I have tried Gatorade, Powerade, and a number of other drinks. Tailwind seems to work best for me. 


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